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Head in the clouds, feet in the mud. Link your product strategy with execution.

We help fintech start-ups, and grow-ups, zero in on a product goal, chart a course, and get organised for agility - to navigate the inevitable bumps and bends needed to succeed.

Read on to see how we can help.

Our services


It's a noisy space - everyone's giving you an extra option on what direction you should take and how you should do it. We have an experienced team who can help you navigate and distill the signal from noise, the many to the singular, so you can zero-in and focus your resources towards the goals that really matter to your business.


Even after a clear goal and direction has been set, it doesn't mean you or your organisation is able to adapt and navigate the many twists and turns (threats and opportunities) that will arise on the way. Rigidity is not your friend.


We use a combination of methods and tooling that allows you to adapt the execution of your strategy to the real world - without your engineers rallying for a mutiny. We offer a comprehensive instruction on how to organise you and your product development teams to execute, adapt and track, efficiently and effectively. 


Now that you've embraced agility, it doesn't mean you need to wander off and pray one day you'll reach your destination.


Take stock using agile product and engineering metrics to guide your path, learn and celebrate the successes, then set the next goal and enjoy the ride as a team. All the while keeping stock on your journey. 


We have a tried and tested set of metrics, visualised and linked all the way from your top-line product strategy to daily code drops and back again to complete the feedback loop - no more disruptive 're-plans' that sap teams' energy and create a lot of wasted effort.  


Our methods reduce the overheads of taking the inevitable adaptations on your journey towards delivering your product outcomes. It's a critical success factor.  


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